IMPORTANT: Your username on the outsourced servers must be in the form username@node1 (our own server recognizes you either way)

There is a 7-day waiting period before posting is activated for new subscribers.

All servers allow you to set your own “Organization” header, generate your own message-id’s, and never append an advertisement to your messages (why would you even consider using a service that behaved differently?)

  • (Denver)
    • Our own unlimited server
    • Speed cap depending on your subscription level
    • Connections: 12 (speed cap is divided between connections)
    • NNTP ports: 119 or 80
    • SSL ports: 563 or 443
  • (Atlanta)
  • (Amsterdam)
    • Both operated by a leading usenet outsourcing company
    • Article numbering is synchronized with each other, and with our unlimited server for the groups that both carry
    • Daily download allowance, unused credits accumulate
    • No speed cap
    • Connections: 20
    • NNTP port: 119
    • SSL: Not available
    • Our own unlogged, anonymous, posting-only server
    • NNTP port: 119
    • SSL ports: 563 or 443
    • Please Email support for a free posting account.